Clean and Colorful

Clean and Colorful

I love a good pattern mixing look, but sometimes I just want clean and simple.

Clean. Simple. And colorful.

One of my favorite things to do when wearing solid colors is to add in some texture somewhere. I think it adds alot of interest. This fun skirt has a great embossed design to it that really helps to make this look pop.

Well that, and all the neon.

I also like pulling in a third color, mint in this case, in a fun statement accessory piece like this necklace. And because often times two is better than one, I decided to layer it up with a name necklace as well this time around.

And I cannot go without commenting on these two handmade neon bracelets! Such fun summer pieces that make even the simplest of outfits look pulled together and colorful! Be sure to check out her page on Instagram! She does fantastic work!



Pink and yellow 1

Pink and Yellow 2


Pink and Yellow Necklace


Pink and Yellow 3


Pink and Yellow 4


Pink and Yellow 5


Pink and Yellow 6


Pink and Yellow 7


Pink and Yellow 8


Pink and Yellow 9

Blouse: Target | Skirt: Boohoo(old) Love this one | Neon Bracelets: @ButtonsBaubles on Instagram | Purse: Melie Bianco | Necklace: Ameera Noor | Name Necklace: Personalized From Me To You | Wedges: Kate Spade





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